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Emma McKellar

About Me

About me, where to start? My name is Emma, I’m a Scottish girl (proud of her roots) that you’ll often find roaming the hills of the Highlands or swooning over breathtaking Edinburgh views. I originally trained as a Staff Nurse, completing a Bachelor in Nursing inclusive of a dissertation on “The Experience of Stigma in Immigrant Women with HIV”. Immediately after graduating, I was thrown into the busy world of the NHS and assumed that this was my calling.

A number of life changes led me to question my career and I embarked to find my true passion. This blog has ignited a passion for writing, I thoroughly enjoy commenting on experiences and food that I have recently eaten. I write the way I think, often finding odd comparisons or funny side stories to narrate an otherwise dull experience. I recently started interviewing women in STEM, after dabbling in the world of code, with the aim of increasing representation of this underrepresented group: you can’t be what you can’t see. I also enjoy narrating my life via my Instagram, so if you fancy a highlight reel of photos to accompany my ramblings, check it out!

That’s where I am at the moment! Blogging, coding, sourcing my next meal and trying to get some laughs along the way. Check out the blog and drop me an email if you want to chat or find out more. I will warn you that I enjoy chatting and can’t promise you won’t get my whole life story (what I had for breakfast included).


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