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Emma McKellar

About Me

QuickFire Round, I love:

  • Plants
  • Open Spaces
  • The Sea-Side (it’s so restorative)
  • Duolingo – currently learning Gaelic & Italian

I am an ambitious individual with a thirst for knowledge – I like to know how things work and what makes people tick.

I worked within the NHS for almost half a decade. First, as a Healthcare Assistant and then, once qualified, as a Registered Nurse.

Life decided to throw me a curveball in 2018 when I was given the opportunity to move to Austin, Texas. Out of my comfort zone and in a – very hot – new environment, I had to pivot.

Having a vocational degree, I decided to branch out and seek further learning in areas such as Digital Marketing & Technology.

Since then, I have gone on to complete a Diploma in Digital Marketing and am currently undertaking a Specialist Diploma in Marketing & Strategy.

To support my tech skills, I am also studying Data Science with the Open University, fitting it around working as Head of Operations at Luminary Bakery.

What has surprised me most about this lengthy and varied journey I am on is that … I actually quite like maths?


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