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Morgan @morganringrose

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by | Jun 27, 2020

Morgan runs her instagram account @m.ringrose and works as a Freelance Web developer. Alongside this, Morgan is also always encouraging others into web development, she reached out to me several months ago to offer assistance with my learning. Since then we have undertaken a huge project for an awesome client, during which I learned a lot.

Who are you and what do you do?

Morgan Ringrose and I am a software engineer.

Where did it all start?

When I was in my teens I was part of the Piczo website train that swept over middle school. This is where I was first introduced to coding. While I was in high school I coded basic iFrame gamer profiles in exchange for virtual coins. It was a fun hobby but the schools don’t touch on computer science so it never occurred to me this was a career path and not just an activity after school.

I wasn’t until my mid 20’s did I start learning more in-depth computer language skills that have led me to web development full time.


Give us a snapshot of your day to day work?

Here’s my desktop 90% of the time.

Is there someone that encouraged you to do this?

The Instagram community is a big motivational tool for me. Scrolling through my feed and seeing what other designers and developers are up to sparks inspiration and often helps pull me from any lull phases I go into.


What motivates you/what do you find motivating?

Above answer goes with this.


What advice do you have for people pursuing/aspiring to your career?

Never stop learning. I’m constantly taking free online courses, watching YouTube tutorials and questioning my fellow developers to learn new things and better my skillset.

And never view another person in the field as your competition. Computer science is one of the few fields were collaboration and having a support system of likeminded people help you grow


If you could go back in time, what is the one piece of advice you would give to yourself? (hindsight is a wonderful thing!)

If I could go back to middle school when I was just learning my passion for coding, I would have asked universities more questions about the programming degrees they offered. Computer science was never explained and if I would have known this is what I wanted to do for a career I wouldn’t have pursued 2 other degrees before ultimately teaching myself everything I know now.


Can your work be stressful? What do you do to manage stress? Do you have any helpful day to day practices?

It can be stressful. Fortunately I have the freedom to walk away from my screen and take a minute, which is usually all it takes to refresh my mind. Leaning on my community of other designers and developers for a second set of eyes has also been a strong aid when a project is becoming overwhelming.

Some things I like to do when I start my day make a list. I normally have my bigger picture list that is broken down into daily goals to help me reach the end point. I also like to keep hand written notes. For someone in the tech industry, something about having my calendar and notes on a device causes me a great deal of stress. I like to see everything written out before me.


What is your favourite thing about your job? What excites you most?

Design concepts are probably my favourite part of the process. Seeing a client’s inspiration and constructing a framework that brings their vision to life is so satisfying, almost more so than when the site actually launches.