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But it’s not a scone?

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by | Jun 5, 2019

I had heard the term “biscuit” used a number of times in casual conversations by friends, reminiscing about drunken escapades during college. Nothing wrong with a few digestives after a few too many, however their statements raised alarm when accompanied by “with chicken” or “and gravy”. 

Biscuits and gravy? Images of the thick, brown, Sunday roast accompanying sauce that my gran used to make come to mind: dripped over a McVities digestive. Who were these people?! What had I welcomed [forced] myself into? 

Eventually, I confessed to a friend my fears: which were met by laughter. A biscuit is not a British biscuit, though she stressed it was also not a British scone. Back and forth ensued, but it was decided that the only way I could understand was to try for myself. 

Biscuits and Groovy is a food truck [with some hipster outdoor seating] tucked to the side of a road in the Hyde Park area, I appreciated the world play in the name. I tentatively scoured the menu for something I deemed worthy of my first biscuit experience, eventually settling on “The Aretha Franklin”. Maple bacon, Colby jack cheese and gravy smothered biscuit: at $9 it wasn’t going to leave me broken inside if I wasn’t keen. Thankfully, it was not a wasted $9 and I can now confirm that a Texas biscuit is not a scone, nor does the gravy resemble anything I used to smother my roasties in. It does appear scone like, however the consistency is much fluffier. The gravy was delicious, smooth and creamy and the combination of the two? Winner. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the chilled out, millennial atmosphere of the food truck area and it was the perfect setting for my first biscuit experience. If you’re in the area and keen for a biscuit that’s not-a-digestive-nor-a-scone-but-shares-the-name, I highly recommend Biscuits and Groovy!