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by | Dec 4, 2018

.I think I mentioned it previously, but one of my favourite things about Austin is that there is always something going on. A commodity that I never took advantage of in Glasgow, were the numerous comedy shows. With all the stress and anxiety of a move, comedy has become a welcome relief.

Within the first few weekends, Austin warmed us up well. A different festival each weekend was a fantastic way to keep our minds off of home sickness, and one of these was the “Comedy Festival” weekend: with different shows across the city all weekend. What a better time to take advantage of the comedy scene? Our first was at the “Spiderhouse”, a short bus ride down from our apartment (I keep getting funny looks for calling it a flat, so may as well practice!). However, aside from this, there is the FalloutTheatre ((formerly The New Movement) which ups the game and has numerous comedy shows every night.

The show here was a standup, various comedians came up and had a short space to try out some of their material. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and many of the acts managed the difficult task of taking some of the hard hitting US news and light heartedly poking fun at it. Much needed after the events of this year! There was one awkward act where no one knew where to look, much to Mikes dismay during this awkward ten minutes she decided to single him out. Maybe he shouldn’t wear bright yellow in future…

Continuing the need for comedy in our lives: Improv is something I have not attended before and for Saturday date night, on a whim, we booked some tickets to a show called “Sweet Lightning”, which is an improv comedy show where a special guest will come and tell the audience a story and the comedians will use this as a prompt for their improv. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, but I laughed from start to finish. The special guest’s stories were particularly brilliant, discussing how as a News Anchor she had to manipulate her image dependent on where she was reporting: maybe one week she was soccer mom, or wasn’t allowed to wear make-up even having to change her hair length/colour. I particularly liked the improv scene where a member of the cast used this to create a scene where she got “bangs” and became a different person. Another story, her husband was expelled from school for vandalising the bathrooms – which he told her on their first date as a good getting to know story. To which she replied, I went to that school and I was the girl that vandalised the bathrooms. They were meant to be! I loved the intimate feel of the space, a small room with only about 20 audience members.

All in all, a wonderful date night. We stuffed ourselves silly prior to this at a fantastic little Italian Italic , which quickly fills up in the evening. Our waiter went from discussing every dish on the menu to handing us the cheque before we had finished the last scoops of dessert. All par for the course I imagine!