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by | Nov 13, 2018

Hello! This is my first post on the shiny new blog. Nothing has changed, I’ll still be updating on a Tuesday, it’s just a new face!

This weekend Mike and I decided it has been too long since we were in open space, with nothing but green and trees. We were spoiled living in Glasgow, half an hour in the car and you’re outside the city with an abundance of beauty to soothe your soul. I did worry that we wouldn’t find this in Austin, however we did find some sanctuary in “Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park”.

Everything takes a little more planning being car-less, but the buses here do get you from A to B without too much stress. A short hop on the 1 from outside our apartment to the park in half an hour. The only issue is the initial walk there should not be classed as pedestrianised: a little rubble on the side of the road. We arrived in one piece though!

The park itself, like everything in America, is huge. An abundance of mountain bike tracks and walks, it was wonderful to be out of the way of traffic. Austin has also been cold this past week! 8 degrees, Mike and I have been woefully underprepared for this drop in temperature and had to make an emergency trip to the shops for some warm clothes (woops). The fresh feeling is fantastic, but the odd thing about Austin is that although today it is 3 degrees it can jump back to 30 degrees by tomorrow. Talk about difficult to dress for? The good news is it finally looks like “fall” has arrived, though I still prefer to describe the leaves falling as “autumnal”.

My one worry is that despite a wander far into the park, we were never far from traffic and unable to lose the hum. Maybe we need to adventure slightly further to achieve the complete silence I am craving?

This time of year in America is always a buzz, Halloween is a big deal and Mike and I concerned a lot of people with our lack of concern for it. Scrooges, we hid in the apartment Halloween night with the lights out and were not bothered by trick or treaters (sorry guys!). However, I did have my first experience of a pumpkin patch and it is the American Dream that I had in mind. People were having photo shoots amongst the pumpkins and we took our time wandering and picking our favourites for carving. A successful carving afterwards, accompanied by cider and Halloweentown. Maybe I did get into the spirit? 

The switch from holiday to holiday is rapid, the next morning I would not have been surprised to see Christmas carollers outside our door. Before we start the Christmas cheer though, a holiday that we are not used to: Thanksgiving 22nd November. A day that is recognised as one to give thanks. I was unsure of the history of this holiday as we don’t have it back home so I had a Wikipedia browse. I feel it is a controversial holiday, but I won’t go into that as I feel I don’t fully understand quite yet and it would not be fair for me to comment. What I do find odd though is Black Friday is after Thanksgiving, when we all know the famous scenes of people trampling each other for incredible deals after just giving thanks for what they have …  Anyway, we have been invited to “Friendsgiving” and I will update you all once we’ve experienced it and I have more information to offer! Happy Tuesday all!