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What’s your Taco place?

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by | Oct 23, 2018

After moving to Texas in a whirlwind of wedding confetti and visa requirements, we appeared for the first day of introductions [at the university] slightly dishevelled and fighting jet lag. Unaware of its importance, we were handed a small, silver bundle labelled ‘breakfast taco’ and so began an education.

Where you source your tacos, and more importantly your breakfast tacos, is a debate that causes many Austinites to become hot under the collar. Your taco place is THE taco place and we are certainly not short of choice here. One of Mikes colleagues recommended we try Tyson’s Tacos on 51st and, as we are 52nd, it was so close that it would have been rude not to wander down.


On the one hand, I have led a life full of warnings against small restaurants in parking lots. On the other, I was keen to try new things and felt with such a good recommendation, things would be okay. I decided I could ignore the inner Brit in me, that conjured up images of food poisoning from slimy burger vans on the sides of motorways, just this once. Mike and I set a Saturday afternoon date and made the short walk over to 51st.


Immediately we clocked the lunchtime queue that had begun to snake around the parking lot, this place was obviously sought after. A quick look at the menu confirmed the reason, tacos of all meats and sides with some wildly inventive names. Some personal favourites included the “White Girl” and the “Wild Feminist”, we were certainly spoiled for choice. Another fun feature is that you can even build your own taco! (there are rumours floating around that some of the public combinations make it onto the board, so choose wisely!). Mike and I decided to opt for the three taco plate, a self explanatory dish: we could have three choices of tacos on one plate. At $11.99 it was a steal in comparison to some of the lunch options we have had since the move!

Hoisin duck, pork and shrimp tacos: not combinations I had associated previously with a taco stand! The food is certainly not authentic Mexican, it has taken on an Austin twist (which is a source of contempt for some locals). Our plate was incredible, full of delicious flavour combinations that I never would have been able to conjure up. A real treat, the shrimp was a particular favourite. Everything was cooked with such attention to detail, that we did not mind the wait. It comforted me to know that our food had not been a defrosted mix of meats, slapped on a plate and microwaved for a quick turn around. We were lucky to arrive when we did (around 1ish) as closer to two o’clock the already substantial queue had doubled in size.

The stand itself was beautiful, with a small bunker like seating area attached to the main kitchen. The decor bright and colourful, with bouncy music and the roaring chit chat of friends catching up after a long work week. A fantastic atmosphere to experience our tacos! I would highly recommend Tysons Tacos. I am glad [relieved] our first experience was one to remember, and not because of dodgy tummies! Unsure whether we will place our loyalty just yet though…