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Coding:The Beginning of a journey?

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by | Oct 16, 2018

I may have mentioned it a few times, but I don’t have a job. So I have had to find a few things to keep me busy. I set myself three goals:

  • Start volunteering at Women and Their Work
  • Sign up for a Spanish Class
  • Learn to Code

Now, the first two are pretty specific but that last one is vague. Code? Computer code. The extent of my computer knowledge is that you press the on button, it goes on. Anything undesirable happens, you press it on and off. Simple. I am sure I have previously mentioned in a post that I am technologically illiterate? However watching Mike’s videos and all the amazing things he codes inspired me to beef out my (limited) knowledge of computers.

“Where to Begin Coding”


Clueless at where to begin, I googled just that “Where to Begin Coding”. I picked a few random websites and Udemy was one of the top searches. They had a flash sale on, so I purchased the course “Introduction to Web Development” for $11.99. It wasn’t a price that was going to break the bank.

This week, I have been discovering HTML5. What I have learned so far is, that what we see on a web page (the user face) is a combination of coding languages, the ‘holy trinity’ of HTML, CSS and Javascript. This blew my mind already so the course was worth the bucks (sorry for any serious developers who are rolling their eyes at these basics!). HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language and is the paragraphs, headings etc. The “content” of your webpage. When people make fun of self-taught coders, it’s normally because we all start our journey learning how to use HTML to write “Hello World!” in a browser page. Hear me out though, those two words all of a sudden held a lot more meaning for me. There was a whole line of code that lead to those two words being presented in my browser page, and it was a feeling of pure excitement. I had created a boiler plate HTML and added those two words to a webpage. HUZZAH.

Self-teaching anything is a complete minefield, and it has been hard not to get sucked into website after website promising results, books and blog posts all offering their advice. I am trying to focus on this one course before I spread out and find other ways to support the basic foundations that (I hope) I am currently working through. I am planning to write a blogpost with some of the resources I have found helpful so far at a later date (once I’ve got my teeth into them).

SO here is my first accomplishment! A code along “Blog Post” page. I want to point out that currently I am learning front-end languages so my pages won’t “do” anything. The back-end languages would allow me to create log-ins and forms (that work), and an awful lot more. I am sure I will eventually stumble onto these, but for now HTML5 was a challenge enough. The image below also shows a style sheet language known as CSS, but I’ll talk about that in later posts.

my first blog html&css

I felt I wanted to use this blog to document a huge change in my life, and now I am also using it for accountability. Check in on me if you have time and make sure I don’t give up just because it’s hard. I never considered myself as “bright” at school because maths/chemistry/physics were always a struggle for me. So, learning to code is about changing the mind frame of “I can’t do it” to “how CAN I do it?”. Creating a problem solving mind should be interesting, but I may as well give it a good go!