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My Introduction to EDM

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by | Oct 9, 2018

Electronic dance music [EDM] has never been my forte but, like most teenagers, I enjoyed a good boogie in the club and do recognise some prominent DJs. Take a huge jump to the opposite end of the scale and, in comparison, we had one surreal EDM week. Mike managed to tick off some of his music bucket list feat. Virtual Self and San Holo. It may surprise you how much of an EDM fan Mike is, however -as one good friend pointed out- it does explain his mind-boggling dance moves. Which I am sure many of you have witnessed at various weddings, gigs and nights out. I thoroughly enjoyed my week experiencing something a little different, though I might hibernate for a little while now as we were up way past our bed time…

We bought the tickets for Virtual Self the evening before our flight to London for our visa interview, so to actually attend was incredible. I will hold my hands up and admit that I have never been fond of EDM, although it is often the soundtrack to my gym sessions. However, attending a concert was something special! The lights, the atmosphere (the beer) made it an experience to remember. Though, watching back Mike’s videos of the evening was like watching an entirely different show. One which didn’t simply include the view of peoples heads, ah height difference. Nevertheless, EDM fan or not, if you fancy something a little different and a light feast for the eyes I highly recommend Virtual Self.

Although these were artists on Mikes bucket list, when we first started dating I remember a long car journey where he introduced me to each. Explaining that, way before Shazam, he had trawled through radio stations to find the name of the Porter Robinson song that had been playing during his retail shift. This fond memory of his commitment to finding a Porter Robinson song had me feeling mushy [at an EDM concert.]


A quick whistle stop for those of you that, like me, have no idea who Virtual Self is. Originally Porter Robinson, he is an American DJ, record producer and musician. In 2017 he began releasing music under the alias Virtual Self and released a self-titled EP. He’s gone from strength to strength: being named in ‘Billboard’s 21 under 21 list, InTheMix’s 25 under 25 list and was placed 5th in the DJ Times’ ‘America’s best DJ’ (did I mention he is self taught?!). You might recognise prominent songs such as “Shelter”?

[One] of the greatest things we have noticed about Austin, so far, is everyone’s commitment to simply being themselves. Style, music taste, opinions, people are comfortable being who they are and I felt that Virtual Self fit into this perfectly.

San Holo, on the other hand, was someone I did recognise. San Holo is a DJ and you probably recognise him for songs such as “Light” and “We Rise”. A completely different evening, I woke up with shin splints from my constant bouncing from 10pm-1am. One of the best things about growing up (growing old) is that you begin to lose the “but what will people think of me” fear and just go for it. For those of you that have witnessed Mike and I dancing, you will know we certainly no longer carry that fear. It is one of the most enjoyable night outs I have had in a long time. We even managed to take a few photos, an achievement as we have been terrible at photo documenting our time here so far!

As we are in Austin, which appears to be a hub of activity for music and performers, Mike and I have decided not to waste any opportunity to see bands/DJs/performers that normally would not tour in the UK (or would class London as a UK tour). I have no doubt we will be booking more shows very soon, I think there was mention of another gig in November? He’ll have me a converted EDM fan in no time. Our next booked commitment is ever so slightly different, as it is my turn to tick off the bucket list. We will be attending a show by one of my all time favourite poets, Rupi Kaur, and my excitement is building [October 22nd]. Austin, you’re amazing.

[Photo credits to Mike Mckellar] we take a stellar selfie.

PS: Holding out for a ‘Twenty One Pilots’ Austin gig ??