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Steak in Austin, life changing.

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by | Oct 3, 2018

Now that we have settled into our new apartment (I called it a flat last week and was laughed at), home cooked meals have resumed for the past few weeks. Discovering Central Market was something of an experience. Think Tesco on steroids (because most of the food probably is). I jest, the whole basis of Central Market is organic and antibiotic free, something we feel strongly about. A (slightly) less expensive Wholefoods. Everything looks like it is from a magazine page, the fruit is luscious and the seafood counter smells like you’re down on the pier. Last week, Mike and I bought steak and were taken aback by the quality. It was incredible and a far cry from home (sorry Morrisons!). So, last weekend we decided that if shop bought steak was anything to go by, then we HAD to try an Austin steak restaurant.

A quick google search directed me to the Perry’s Steakhouse website and, although slightly eye watering, the prices were similar to what you would pay for good steak at home. And why not? Our “wee” Texas celebration/treat dinner! (When I say we ate out a lot after arriving, I mean we consumed copious takeaways. Thanks for feeding our stress McDonalds!).

Perry’s did not disappoint. Although at first our waitress had difficulty with our accents -some have called them exotic- we did eventually manage to order. When the food came, Mike’s face said it all. Perry’s was by far the best steak we’ve ever had (even better than our Portugal steak place, sorry Morag and John!) and the truffle fries were out of this world. Mike’s steak was cooked “black and bleu”: charred and crisp on the outside and rare on the inside. It was melt in your mouth fantastic. Taste explosion. Washed down by a rather lovely ($40, eek) sauvignon blanc, it really was a treat night!

Perry’s service was fantastic and our waitress constantly made sure we were enjoying our meal. At the beginning, they even had us cut into our steaks before they left the table: to ensure they had been cooked properly! It was the cherry on the cake that, on finding out we were celebrating our big move, the restaurant gave us a free desert tray. Huzzah. I had even thrown on a pair of heels for the occasion- something I regretted immediately each time I had to take more than 6 steps. Note to self: should have packed my comfortable heels instead of the flashy ones. Nonetheless, a successful fancy date night!

Tummies happy and hearts full, we headed home. If you are in Austin any time in the near future, I highly recommend Perry’s. Although it is quite costly, and therefore a treat for us, I would argue the food is worth every dollar. I particularly liked that, when booking, there is a drop down menu that prompts you to let the restaurant know if it is a casual dinner, date night or celebration. A lovely personal touch. The only down side to our visit was the rather boisterous tables of “lads” surrounding our own. Maybe an office night out? Unsure, but they definitely enjoyed the sound of their own (very loud) voices. Though, after writing that last sentence I am questioning my own age, 24 or 84? Shhhhhhhh…